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TTT Course Discounts

Discounts will be calculated based on the TOTAL number of access months purchased at one time, for any of the TTT Level I, II or III courses individually or combined.

Discount structure:
  • First 12 months purchased - Full price
  • Next 12 months purchased - 40% off those months
  • More than 24 months purchased - 50% off those months
  • For example, here’s the discount explanation for a company that currently has TTT Level I and Level II set to expire in 5 months. They have decided they want Level III for the next two years, and they want their Level II to continue and have the same expiration as Level III. They will allow Level I to expire at its currently scheduled date.

    TTT Discounted Pricing
    Course Access Period
    Truss Technician Training Level I Renewal 0 months
    Truss Technician Training Level II Renewal 17 months
    Truss Technician Training Level III 24 months
    Total of months purchased 43 months
         Member Nonmember
     First 12 months at full price       984.00      2,196.00
      Next 12 months with a 40% discount      590.40      1,317.60
      Remaining 19 months with a 50% discount      779.00      1,738.50
      Total costs with discounts   2,353.40      5,252.10
     Total savings with discounts   1,172.60      2,573.90