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Everyone knows SBCA's Truss Technician Training is the industry's best source of technical training for employees of structural building component manufacturers. But did you know that qualified employees can earn TTT Certifications for Level I, II or III training? If you haven't been rounding out your online Truss Technician Training with TTT Certification, this is a great time to start.
Reasons for TTT Certification:
  • Verify your training dollars are hitting the mark
  • Quantify your employees' technical knowledge
  • Promote to customers the expertise of your design team
  • Take advantage of the new extended TTT Certification period
  • Receive a customized electronic TTT Certification logo you can insert into drawings to assure customers they are dealing with one of the best trained technicians in the industry

TTT Certification Exam Eligibility Requirements
To Take Exam Student and company must have:
TTT Level I
  • Company Access to Online TTT Level I, or
  • Attended Live TTT Level I Class
TTT Level II
  • Individual TTT Level I Certification, and
  • Company Access to Level II or Attended Live TTT Level II Class
  • Individual Level II Certification, or be either Manager, Owner, or Engineer, and
  • Company Access to Level III, or Attended Live TTT Level III class

How do I become TTT Certified?
You become TTT Certified by taking the TTT Certification Exam and scoring at least a 65% grade. There is a TTT Certification Exam for each of the three levels of TTT training. For TTT courses taught in person, the exam is administered on the last day of class. For those participating in online TTT courses, there is an exam proctoring system to provide a secure and cost-effective way to administer the exams locally. View the TTT Certification Exam eligibility requirements above to determine if you are eligible to take the TTT Certification Exam.
How much does TTT Certification cost?
For students who attend live TTT courses, the TTT Certification Exam is part of the total course fee. For online students TTT Certification is optional and the TTT Certification Exam Fee is separate from the course fees. Only Company Reps or Rep Assistants as defined in the SBCA database can purchase TTT Certification Exams. If you have any questions on how to purchase exams contact SBCA Staff.
How do I sign up for a TTT Certification Exam?
You must submit a "Request for Exam Proctoring" to SBCA at least two weeks before your intended exam date. Please read the details about the Exam Proctoring for TTT Certification process and contact SBCA Staff if you have any questions. Then choose one of the following methods to submit your request for TTT Exam proctoring:
How many Exams should I buy?
Managers may buy multiple TTT Certification Exams to take advantage of quantity discount pricing and keep them as credits in the company account to assign to any employee as needed. The Exam credits are valid for any of the three Levels of Certification and do not have to be assigned to a specific person upon purchase. For example, if a design manager plans to certify nine employees at Level I, five employees at Level II and two employees at Level III, he may purchase 17 Exams at once in order to receive the quantity discount.
How long are unused Exams valid?
Exam credits are good indefinitely. For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of the quantity discount.
Can we have a staff supervisor proctor the exam in our own facility?
No, see Step 3 on Exam Proctoring for TTT Certification.
TTT Certifications Expire After Three Years
Starting in 2006, TTT Certifications were increased from two years to three years. TTT Certified individuals need only to renew at the highest level of training achieved. Alternately, an individual with an expiring TTT Certification may choose to certify at the next highest level of training for the next three years.
How to renew TTT Certifications