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Exam Proctoring for TTT Certification
In order to ensure the TTT Certification Exam is properly and securely administered SBCA has developed a detailed proctoring process using an infrastructure that already exists: public libraries. The instructions below will lead you through working with a local library and SBCA staff, so that you can take the Certification Exam. Start this process at least two weeks before your intended exam date. Submit your request using either Option A or Option B below.

Option A. Online Request for Exam Proctoring:
The online request form is similar to Option B explained below, only steps 1 through 5 are submitted using the Online Request for Exam Proctoring. This method can only used by Company Reps or Rep Assistants who must login to access the form. Please contact SBCA staff if you have any questions.

Option B. Student Request for Exam Proctoring:

  1. Buy Exam Credit – Verify your company has purchased a TTT Certification Exam credit for you to use.

  2. Print Exam Request Form – Download, print and read the Student Request for Exam Proctoring form. Complete Part I of the form.

  3. Find a Proctor – Call any public library in your area to verify that they offer exam proctoring services. You will probably need to speak to the Reference Librarian to get accurate information. If you are unable to locate a cooperating library within a reasonable distance, try other local resources such as the school principal's office or library, community college, bank, notary public or court house. To maintain the integrity of the process, the proctor cannot be affiliated with your company in any way. If you have exhausted all these resources and are still unable to locate a proctor, please contact SBCA staff who will work with you to find a solution that fulfills the intent of exam proctor process.

    A Note on Proctoring Fees: Proctoring fees are not included in the TTT Certification Exam fee. Most libraries are willing to perform proctoring services at no charge, but SBCA cannot verify that is always the case. It is up to the student and/or his/her company to determine if the proctoring agency charges a fee and to assume responsibility for any fees incurred for the proctoring service.

  4. Send Exam Request Form to the Proctor – Mail, fax or bring the form in person to the proctoring site, but make sure the proctor reads and completes Part II of the Student Request for Exam Proctoring form. Policies will vary from site to site, so verify with the proctor whether you should schedule an exam date and time immediately, or if you should wait until after the exam packet has been received by the proctor. Ask the proctor if s/he will contact you once the packet has been received, or if s/he will wait for you to initiate further contact.

  5. Fax Completed Form to SBCA – In order that the proctor not incurs long-distance phone charges, we ask that you take responsibility for faxing the form to SBCA.

  6. SBCA Sends Exam Packet to Proctor – The exam packet is mailed DIRECTLY TO THE PROCTOR AT THE EXAM PROCTORING SITE. At this time SBCA will also send you notification that the exam packet has been mailed.

  7. Schedule an Exam Date – SBCA will send you a form that you should fax or email back once your exam date has been scheduled. It is your responsibility to complete the exam within 30 days of the date from when SBCA mails the exam packet to your proctoring site and sends you notification.

  8. Take the Exam – Report to the proctoring site on your scheduled date and time. The exam is open book and limited to 4 hours. If you choose to take a break during the exam, that break time will NOT be added to the 4 hour total, so it is in your best interest to keep breaks short if you make them.

    Do Bring to the Exam:
    • Books – TTT binder, handouts, notes, books - any paper materials you wish
    • Calculator – with trig functions (tan, sin, cos) for the Truss Math problems
    • Pencil and scrap paper
    • Photo identification – driver's license, state ID card or passport

    Do Not Bring to the Exam:
    • Personal computers
    • Cell Phones, PDAs

    Give the completed exam to the proctor who will send the completed exam to SBCA for scoring. You will receive your score and, if appropriate, your Certificate of Achievement within 3 weeks of when SBCA receives the completed exam.

    As a safeguard against the unlikely chance of your exam being lost in the mail, you may wish to ask the proctor to make and hold a copy of the completed exam until receipt of the exam packet is acknowledged by SBCA. If you choose to do this, and the proctoring site charges a fee for this service, it is your responsibility to pay the fee.

    If SBCA receives notice than an exam has been scheduled and does not receive the exam within one week after that scheduled date, SBCA will contact the student so s/he can follow up with the proctoring site. If it is determined that your exam was mailed by the proctor and never received by SBCA, please contact SBCA staff.