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How to Use TATO
TATO 1 is intended as a hiring tool to be used with truss technicians, sales staff and production personnel. It evaluates candidates' basic math and 3D visual skills, which are crucial for success in the sales, design and manufacturing divisions of the truss industry.

TATO 2 is an advanced truss industry specific test for determining an experienced individual's level of knowledge and ability. It is a useful tool to evaluate seasoned truss technicians, to take inventory of design department skills, and to help clarify training priorities for the design office.

Register a candidate for TATO at any time:

  1. Add each job candidate to your personnel list, just as you do your current employees (for instructions, review the Rep Tutorial on the Courses tab of the Control Panel).
  2. In the control panel on the Admin Functions tab, Course Registration subtab, assign the exam to your new job candidate using either of the "edit" sub-subtabs.

When it is time to start the test:

  1. Log into the TKO site with the candidate's system generated email and your password. As long as you are a system rep or rep assistant, you can use this method.
  2. From the left menu, select "Control Panel/Options" then "My Courses & Certifications".
  3. Click the "Go" button to the right of the TATO exam you wish the candidate to take. This launches the start-up screen of the exam for the candidate.
  4. Seat the candidate at the computer. Have the candidate start the test once he/she has read instructions, and is prepared with paper and a pencil. Remind him/her that the test is timed, starting when the button is pressed.

Once the candidate has completed the test, the system will log them out of the account and send then to the TKO home page. (This prevents them from reviewing their own results.)

In order to view the candidate's test results, log in using your email and password, and view the course participants in the "View by Course" tab in the Administration functions. Click on the magnifying glass beside the candidate's name. We recommend you save or print the results for later use. After you have saved the results, you may remove the candidate's account, as you see fit.

How to interpret the results:
Results include the candidate's score on each question type and the time spent on each question. These results are compared to all other tests recorded in the system.