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Increase confidence, effectiveness and loyalty with professional coaching
The Leaders Edge 360 principals are Certified Coaches offering SBCA members personalized and confidential coaching for both corporations and individuals, helping clients discover their own best solutions to each situation that they bring forward for discussion. Individuals engage professionals to guide them in almost every aspect of their lives (lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc), but most do not have professional guidance on issues, opportunities and questions related to day-to-day business decision making and other factors that influence their careers. That is a void that a company can fill and that is proven to increase both the confidence and contribution of valued employees. Only a small percentage improvement in the results of those changes can pay for the costs of the coaching several times over. A parallel benefit in costs can also be seen through better, faster decisions on the part of the coaching client who also often demonstrates increased loyalty, reducing company costs from replacing and retraining departing employees.

Take the online Leadership Assessment Survey to review your leadership attributes. This self-assessment will help identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide a leadership scorecard of your results.

As the name implies, Leaders Edge 360 also offers a 360° Degree Feedback Survey. Conducted by anonymous electronic delivery, the 360° Degree Feedback Survey provides each employee the opportunity to rate themselves on various competencies, defined by the organization, which are in line with the key behaviors and skills that accomplish the mission, vision, and goals for the organization. By comparing this data to the ratings given by his or her supervisor, peers, reporting staff members, coworkers, and even customers, an individual develops an understanding of how he or she is viewed by others, and gains tremendous insight on perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Areas of coaching include:

  • Executive Coaching – Provides an independent, confidential sounding board and facilitator to help think through issues and challenges.
  • Personalized Coaching for Middle Managers – Improves management skills and increases confidence, satisfaction, leadership and results.
  • Transition Coaching for New Sales Managers – Helps sales people promoted to managers shift their mindset and skill set to be effective in their new area of accountability.
  • Professional Coaching for Sales People – stimulates creative thinking with a broader perspective so that they may become more focused, productive and easier to manage.
  • Retirement Career Coaching – provides tools and guidance to help define the most rewarding mix of challenge and relaxation after the completion of a primary career path.

Industry writings confirm that when properly designed and executed, the coaching experience can catapult talented executives and managers to a new level of performance.

Each Leaders Edge 360 Coaching assignment is customized to your individual needs and a written proposal is provided that details the objectives for the specific coaching assignment along with the number of coaching sessions, timing and costs. As part of the Professional Leadership Academy collaborative agreement, every SBCA member qualifies for preferred SBCA pricing. For more information, please contact Randy Goruk (800-308-4002) at Leaders Edge 360. For more information, view this brief video.